Personal Consulting

Personal consulting solutions focus on the individual, with a goal to provide those outcomes that support a healthy balance of energies within the physical and subtle energetic bodies. Each personal consulting session is focused on delivering those energetic outcomes that serve the highest good of the client.

Personal consulting sessions are available through distant/remote meditative transmissions which can be received globally.

Goldenheart Solutions is based in Richmond, BC and options for in-person sessions within the greater Vancouver, BC area are possible by special request.

Standard Pricing

  • distant/remote meditative transmission services 60$ CAD per session

A discount of 20% is available for group sessions of 2-4 people. You may request a group session using the additional information comment box when registering for the session.

To begin a conversation about receiving personal consulting, you may fill out the Personal Consulting Request form below.

Personal Consulting Services currently available ~

  • Classical Reiki Energetic Re-Balancing

    A classical Reiki session to clear, balance & energize the chakras, meridians and subtle energetic bodies.

    Pricing ~ standard pricing

  • Chi Boost

    Request a Chi Boost to increase the amount of Universal Life Force within your physical and subtle energetic bodies. Increase the energetic balance within your physical and subtle energetic bodies.

    Pricing ~ standard pricing

  • Reclaim Your Energetic Space

    Interested to experience greater peace & harmony in your daily life?

    Try a 21-day program to help you to reclaim your energetic space. The program offers a 3 week experience where your body’s energetic field is scanned & cleared of lower vibration energies on a daily basis.

    The goal is to help you feel the difference between lower vibration energies and higher vibration energies. It will help you to correlate events in your life with the energies that are felt. Once you are able to feel the difference, you can apply simple tools to keep your energetic field focused on the energies of your choice.

    Lower vibration energies are typically felt through a sense of worry, anger or fear while higher vibration energies are typically felt through a sense of peace, joy or inner calm.

    Pricing ~ 545$ CAD per person

    *You may include your home in this program by request for an additional 20% (your home would be scanned & cleared of lower vibrations on a daily basis).

    The Reclaim Your Energetic Space program includes: a weekly 3 element scan report plus daily scanning & clearing of your field + Chi Boost and simple tools for self maintenance.

  • Personal Choice

    Searching for a personal consulting solution that is customized to your specific interests?

    Request a Personal Choice service and begin the conversation for creating a special session or program that is designed just for you.

    Pricing ~ standard pricing

Personal Consulting
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