How does my body collect low frequency or stale energies?

Low frequency or stale energies can come from many sources within our environment and/or from within ourselves.

Our bodies are continuously bombarded by energies that can affect how we feel each day. Some of the most common energy sources are ~

  • Our Thoughts, Intentions and Actions
  • Words, Language
  • People and their emotions
  • Cellular, Television and Radio signals
  • Television, Youtube, Internet content
  • Radio programs, Music
  • Magazines, Newspapers, Books
  • Computer equipment, Power Transmission lines, Buildings
  • Trees, Forests
  • Rivers, Lakes, Oceans
  • Pets, Animals
  • Nature

Each of the above items expresses an energetic frequency that can affect how we feel. Some energies feel clear and clean and help us to feel better while other energies can drag us down and feel heavy or stale.

It is possible for each of us to decide which types of energies we want to surround ourselves with.

Meditation and energetic transmissions can help to clear out low frequency or stale energies but the choices we make each day of our life may bring them back once again.