Hello, my name is Ron Klausing. Through my life experiences I have discovered and connected with several of my natural abilities.

During my teenage years I felt an attraction to computers and electronics, eventually beginning a career in Information Technology. My natural talents and intuitive understanding of computer technology lead to jobs in software development and data center infrastructure technology.

As my career in Information Technology continued to unfold, I was offered many opportunities to take on different leadership roles. A key outcome and joy for me in these roles was to help other people develop more of their true potential while delivering some interesting business value. After many years experience leading business technology projects, I decided to become certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP).

Later in life, several members of my family had passed away due to various forms of cancer.

Around that time, I came across an article stating that physical illness began as an imbalance in the energetic bodies.  The article also stated that when the imbalance was left untreated at the energetic level, the imbalance manifested into the physical body.

Who was I to say if it were true or not true however, the deaths in my family were enough of a motivation for me to begin exploring the world of Reiki. Becoming a Reiki Master in Usui and Karuna Reiki, I began to explore this “new world” that was quite different from the world of technology.

While following the Reiki path and learning more about the broader world view of energy and vibration, I connected with another of my natural abilities. I connected with my ability to receive intuitive guidance and channel Universal Life Force energies. As I progressed on my path, I became skilled at channeling large amounts of Universal Life Force energies.

I share a humble, Soul based service to offer energetic re-balancing plus Soul healing on multiple levels with those who are open to receive.

Today, I am comfortable and well versed in both the physical world of Business & Technology plus the metaphysical world of Reiki, subtle energies and the Universal Life Force.

In support of sharing my talents to help those around me, I chose to incorporate Goldenheart Solutions Inc and offer a balanced set of consulting services for Personal and Business outcomes.

Ron Klausing BSc, PMP, Reiki Master
Richmond BC, Canada

Goldenheart Solutions Inc