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Hello, my name is Ron Klausing. Through my life experiences I have discovered and connected with several of my natural abilities.

During my teenage years I felt an attraction to computers and electronics, eventually beginning a career in Information Technology. My natural talents and intuitive understanding for computer technology lead to many roles involving development/support of computer software programs plus implementation/administration of computer hardware.

As my career in Information Technology continued to unfold, I was asked to take on many different leadership roles. These roles provided an opportunity to help people develop more of their true potential plus deliver some interesting business value. After many years of leadership experience, I decided to become certified as a Project Management Professional (PMP).

Later in life, several members of my family had passed away due to various forms of cancer.

Around that time, I came across an article stating that physical illness began first as an imbalance in the energetic bodies.  When it was left untreated at the energetic level, the imbalance manifested into the physical body.

Who was I to say if it were true or not true however, the deaths in my family were enough of a motivation for me to begin exploring the world of Reiki.

As I undertook the path of Reiki and the broader world view of energy and vibration, I connected with another of my natural abilities. I connected with my ability to receive intuitive guidance and channel Universal Life Force energies. Becoming a Reiki Master in Usui and Karuna Reiki, I began to explore this “new world” that was quite different from the world of technology.

Throughout my journey, I have been guided by the Angels, Archangels and other aspects of the infinite Creator. They helped me to re-awaken my natural Soul abilities as a Solar Healer. As I progressed on my path, I became skilled at channeling large amounts of Solar and Universal Life Force energies.

I share a humble, Soul based service to offer energetic re-balancing plus Soul healing on multiple levels with those who are open to receive.

Today, I am comfortable and well versed in both the physical world of technology plus the metaphysical world of Reiki, Solar energies, subtle energies and the Universal Life Force.

In support of sharing my talents to help those around me, I chose to incorporate Golden Heart Solutions Inc and offer a balanced set of consulting services for Personal and Business outcomes.

Ron Klausing BSc, PMP, Reiki Master
BC, Canada

Golden Heart Solutions Inc

Business Consulting

Business consulting solutions offer insights, tools & services to advance business initiatives at a more predictable pace through transparency and clarity.

By combining a focus of technology enabled business outcomes with a balance of practicality and experience, it is possible to achieve fresh and new business opportunities.

To initiate conversation on any of the services offered, you may fill out the Business Consulting Request form below.

A review of the LinkedIn profile for Ron Klausing will provide greater insight into work history and experiences.

  • Project Recovery

    A full project assessment feeds into the development & implementation of a strategy to get a project back on track with an opportunity to begin meeting expectations.

    Pricing ~ base rate of 110$ CAD per hour with the option for a custom price per engagement.

  • Environmental Scan ~ Project or Business Activity

    A 6 to 8 week engagement focused on a project, business activity or topic of interest. The environmental scan deliverables provide detailed analysis on current state along with fresh insights/guidance on how to achieve the desired business outcomes. The scan also includes practical advice on issues and related opportunities for improvement.

    Pricing ~ base rate of 110$ CAD per hour with the option for a custom price per engagement.

  • IT Leadership Boost

    Augment your team with an IT Leader experienced in Applications development/support & Infrastructure implementation/operation in both the Project delivery & Operations settings.

    Pricing ~ base rate of 110$ CAD per hour with the option for a custom price per engagement.

Business Consulting
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Work activities on the Business Consulting Services above may be conducted via remote over the internet and telephone or in person, depending on the specific situation and requests for each engagement.

Personal Consulting

Personal Consulting solutions focus on the individual, with a goal to provide those outcomes that support a healthy balance of energies within the physical and subtle energetic bodies. Many Angels and Archangels of Light participate in each Personal Consulting session.

All Personal Consulting sessions are available through in-person sessions at Golden Heart Solutions or via distance/remote meditative transmissions. Additional options to receive in-person session(s) at-your-home are also available by special request.

Golden Heart Solutions is based out of Richmond, BC and offers at-your-home, in-person services throughout the greater Vancouver, BC area. Distance/remote meditative transmissions are available to be received globally.

To receive any of the sessions offered, you may fill out the Personal Consulting Request form below.

Standard Pricing

  • in-person at Golden Heart Solutions 95$ CAD per session
  • distance/remote meditative transmission 55$ CAD per session
  • in-person at-your-home 255$ CAD per session

Personal Consulting Sessions currently available ~

  • Classical Reiki Energetic Re-Balancing

    A classical Reiki session to clear and balance the chakras, meridians and energetic bodies.

    Pricing ~ standard pricing

  • Solar Logos

    Experience the radiant Light of Central Sun energies by choosing Solar Logos sessions!

    Essence of the Logos

    Offering an energetic boost along with a greater feeling of peacefulness and balance within. Reclamation, healing and re-integration of all available Soul fragments is also included in this session.

    Pricing ~ standard pricing

    Central Sun Radiance

    Receive the radiant Light of Central Suns to purify and increase the divine Light in all your bodies and assist with moving forward into higher levels of consciousness awareness.

    Pricing ~ standard pricing

    Sacred Heart Activation

    Receive an activation for the Sacred Heart of Creation, expressing the unconditional Love of the Sacred Central Sun. A Light Body Radiance of 70% or more will help to retain the full benefit of this activation.

    Pricing ~ standard pricing

    *You may request a 3, 6 or 9 Element Holistic Scan to assess your Light Body Radiance.

  • Heart of the Dragon

    Through my experiences, I have connected with the Spiritual Dragons of Light, who are highly evolved beings of Light. They wish to share their divine Light energies and essence with all those who are open to receive them.

    Fire of Purification

    Clear out the stale/heavy energies from all your bodies and living space with Dragon Fire Purification.

    Pricing ~ standard pricing

    Dragon Essence

    Receive all the energies of Light that serve your highest good from the Heart of the Dragon.

    Pricing ~ standard pricing

  • The All-In-One session!

    If you feel ready to receive ALL that serves your highest good from each of the above modalities, in a single session, choose the All-In-One session!

    The All-In-One session can also provide a significant boost for those on the path of strengthened Soul connection or Self realization, encouraging greater balance, love and joy into daily life experiences.


    • in-person at Golden Heart Solutions 255$ CAD per session
    • distance/remote meditative transmission 95$ CAD per session
    • in-person at-your-home 505$ CAD per session

    *Options for Group sizes up to 15 people are available. You may request a group All-In-One session using the additional information comment box when registering for the session.

  • Multi Element Holistic Scans

    Choose to receive a 3, 6 or 9 element holistic scan and receive specific intuitive guidance for key aspects of energetic balance and personal development.

    Pricing (only available through distance/remote and will be emailed once complete) ~

    *The sample scans (PDF documents) can be viewed for reference and to better understand the insights offered

  • Reclaim Your Energetic Space

    Experience a 3 week program to help you to reclaim your energetic space. The program offers a 3 week time-frame where your body’s energetic space is scanned & cleared of lower vibration energies on a daily basis.

    The goal is to help you feel the difference between lower vibration energies and higher vibration energies & to help you correlate events in your life with the energies that are felt. Once you are able to feel the difference, you can apply simple tools to keep your energetic field focused on the energies of your choice.

    Lower vibration energies are typically heavy & tiring while higher vibration energies are typically lighter and more energizing.

    Pricing ~ 505$ CAD per 3 week program.

    (Only available through distance/remote meditative transmission. Includes a weekly 3 Element scan report + daily scan/clearing of your field+ simple tools for self maintenance)

Personal Consulting
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By requesting these Personal Consulting services, I confirm that I have read and accept Golden Heart Solutions' Privacy Policy and Personal Consulting Terms of Service.

Personal Consulting Sessions that are in-person at Golden Heart Solutions or in-person at-your-home typically complete within 45 – 55 minutes while distance/remote meditative transmissions typically complete within 20 – 30 minutes. The specific session duration however, is guided by the point in time divine guidance that is received.